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Find SEX WARRIORS PUDDING VOLS 1 & 2 at Movies & TV, the sense that this series has 3 volumes, that is to say, 3 half hour long episodes.

Sex Warrior Pudding Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hinoki Kazushi. Shogakukan Released, May 25, – February 25, Episodes, 3.

Directed by Nick Deocampo. With Nick Deocampo. The filmmaker examines the life of a Filipino transvestite who is about to seek employment in Japan as a.

Ok, so basically the story is about this team of Sex Warriors (who all have weird warrior Anyway, I've only seen 2 episodes, but I feel confident that Sex Warrior .

Today's episode we're going to talk about love and sex and how the brain is a lot about sex in this podcast and if you haven't heard our previous episodes.