Five anal sex horror stories that will haunt your dreams. - anal sex horror stories


15 Anal Sex Horror Stories That’ll Make You Gag anal sex horror stories

Anal sex can be a pleasurable experience for both parties if there's honest communication and the right amount of preparation beforehand.

15 Anal Sex Horror Stories That'll Make You Gag. Things are about to get messy. Posted on May 7, , at a.m.. Anna Kopsky. BuzzFeed Staff.

Whether you think anal is as kinky as it gets or you'd rather rim a guy than hold hands with him in public, I think we can all agree that ass play.

Anal sex can seem scary if you've never tried it. And these horror sex stories will make it so you never do.

So we've sourced the most graphic anal sex horror stories from our office and the web, in order to explore the reality behind a sexual act which.