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Urinary diversion is a surgical procedure that reroutes the normal flow of urine out of the body when urine flow is blocked. Urine flow may be blocked because of .

My question: I want to keep my sex drive and sexual organs intact, but I want to urinate like a woman with no choice but to sit. There are.

Female Urinary Tract. Male Urinary Urine, the waste product, is made in the kidneys and flows down 2, 10 to inch-long tubes called ureters into the bladder.

Seeking Insights That Take Erotic Rerouting Seriously The procedure you're curious about-creating a new pee hole on your taint, behind should the full male-to-female conversion ever be opted for," said Dr. Newman.

Ive had my reroute (above my scrotum) for nearly a decade and do not regret it one bit. COM pee hole insertion Search, free sex videos Female urethral play.