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Mar 23, The smell of cat urine is a result of urea breaking down and releasing ammonia, so ammonia in the tank is the only cause I can think of. Like.

My rock and my water all smell like ammonia/ cat urine. No fish seems to do well, only issue in my FW tank is a wee bit high pH but our pH.

Jan 14, My fish tank smells like cat pee. 10 gallons of cat pee, to be exact. I am the newest of noobs when it comes to aquariums. I have a spankin' new.

ok my 10 gallon tank smells funny kinda like cat pee i just changed the water and my ammonia levels at 0 what do i do to get rid of the funky.

Jan 29, My setup is approx. 2 months old. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Phosphate While this tank is new I am not new to the hobby and my other 2.