I saw my son masturbating. How do I talk to him about it? - masturbation talk dad son


The Scared Parent's Guide to Talking About Masturbation masturbation talk dad son

Then the author ends with this sixth example of a father talking with his year- old son, Sean, about masturbation. Please understand this.

Father and son talk masturbation. Dear Alice,. I am sorry if I seem maybe over- worried or so but I have a situation that I am not sure how to deal.

Dear Families: Tips For Talking to Your Sons (or Parents!) is an opportunity to sit down and have a real talk about masturbation with your son. confusing it is for boys—Dad, chances are you do, so draw on that experience.

I'm a nearly 40 year old father of a teenage boy. I walked in at night to check on him, and he was masturbating. I watched until he ejaculated.

VLOG Question: I know my son will eventually learn about masturbation. I don't like to think about, but in our day it doesn't make sense to talk to.