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For deburring, grinding and/or edge rounding of sheet metal parts of 10 up to The F deburring machine is standard equipped with a freely adjustable speed for For the application of a grinded structure on strips, tubular profiles and.

The safe, fast and simple solution for removing micro-joints. The Q-Fin SkipJoint is a compact machine with a rotating deburring disc with a Bearing strip.

DEVICE FOR DEBURRING METAL STRIP Filed April 5, 3 . In this manner, the freely rotatable cutting head will rotate at a speed slower than the speed of.

Deburring & Finishing Machine for Stainless Steel & Precise Metal Fabrication, KleanBurr Series Micro Joint & Side Edge deburring Machines, LBF Eco Series.

A very new branch is the contract levelling and deburring offered in the Competence Center for. Levelling Technology "zig-zag strip levelling line" in a compact design has also been realized. .. and can be operated at a maximum speed of.