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Forearm muscles that are worked when pulling in the water for more propulsion. Glutes and Quadriceps muscles power the breaststroke kick. Benefits of.

Swimming breaststroke might not be as fast as front crawl, but it still provides a good all-over workout for most of the major muscle groups in your body. How breaststroke tones your upper body muscles. The deltoids, chest muscles and triceps help extend the arms after they've.

That brings us to learning our next swimming stroke – the breaststroke. . Some of the muscles used in breaststroke include your latissimus dorsi (back muscles) .

The Breaststroke hailed as the oldest of all swimming strokes is frequently used in training, as it requires almost all muscle groups.

Front crawl: Swimming uses all major muscle groups and boosts cardio Breaststroke: Uses similar muscles, but the trapezius muscles in the back and the When you visit this site, we'd like to use cookies and identifiers to.