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The contraceptive injection - NHS depot provera and breast feeding

It can be hard to make decisions about birth control. You have chosen Depo. Provera. Please read this information before your first shot to make sure that you.

This means there is a much lower chance of getting pregnant when using an IUD or an arm implant, as compared to a birth control pill, Depo-Provera shot.

The hormones enter the breast milk, but the amount is minimal, and no that no woman using Depo-Provera has complained of breast-feeding problems.

Medications & Vaccines ▸ Birth Control and Breastfeeding of birth control (the Depo-Provera injection lasts at least 12 weeks, but effects may.

What are the options for birth control when breast-feeding? Depo-Provera is a progesterone-only injection that will protect against pregnancy.