Basal Breast Cancer: A Complex and Deadly Molecular Subtype - basal breast cancer


Triple-negative and basal-like breast cancers - Canadian Cancer Society basal breast cancer

The first definition of basal breast cancer came from genomics and the Perou's publication in [4]. Using DNA microarrays, the authors profiled 78 tumor.

Basal-like breast cancer (BLBC) is a particularly aggressive molecular subtype defined by a robust cluster of genes expressed by epithelial.

Most triple negative and basal-like breast cancers are aggressive tumours. Many are diagnosed at a later stage. Learn about these cancers and treatment.

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease encompassing a variety of entities with distinct morphological features and clinical behaviors.

EGFR and cytokeratin 5/6 are readily available positive markers of basal-like breast cancer applicable to standard pathology specimens.