BELT ATTACK: Texas mom spanks teen son after he takes her BMW for ride | WPXI - mom spanks with belt


Mom spanks child with belt after he steals her BMW | Driving mom spanks with belt

A joyriding year-old Texas boy was left with a bruised ego after his mother chased him down and spanked him with a belt on the side of a road after the kid stole his mom’s brand new BMW. The friend’s mother tipped off Martinez’s family about the heist, prompting the mom and.

A Texas year-old's antics looked like something out of a movie when he took off in his mom's brand-new BMW, but the fun quickly ended in a.

Liza Martinez didn't know the camera was rolling when she put a spanking on her year-old son who stole her car. Her daughter, Liza Campero, who gave her mom a belt to use and posted recordings of it on social media said her brother deserved it. Worried about her son driving in.

EL PASO, Texas - One teenage boy will probably reconsider taking his mother's BMW for a ride again. The Houston Chronicle reported that.

Texas Mom Spanks Teen Son After He Took Off In Her Car Mom told Martinez to pull over and when he saw the belt, everything wasn't fun and games.