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Sexual Assault: RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) – Toll-free 24 /7 hotline for sexual assault counseling and referrals: HOPE ().

in vaginal intercourse, violent assaults and abuse . pelvic pain–14 Childhood sexual abuse may, pain,14 19% gave a history of childhood sexual abuse.

Vaginal trauma is injury to the vagina. It can happen during childbirth, sexual assault, and Vaginal trauma can occur as a result of a painful sexual experience or sexual abuse. Vaginal trauma can occur in children as a result of a straddle.

Sexual assault (SA) is common, but the epidemiology of acute pain vaginal, and/or anal areas), administering medication prophylaxis for.

cant associations between sexual abuse in childhood or adolescence and pelvic pain (2), dysmenorrhoea, sexual problems, dyspareunia, vaginal discharge (3).