Cops and CPS Strip Search Six Kids, Including 4-Year-Old, Over Mom's Muffin Run - strip search kentucky


Lawsuit: Kentucky girl strip searched at Clark County school strip search kentucky

The strip search phone call scam was a series of incidents, mostly occurring in rural areas of . Stewart was extradited to Kentucky to be tried on charges of impersonating a police officer and solicitation of sodomy. If convicted, Stewart faced up.

Lawsuit: Clark County school officials strip searched year-old girl the Clark County Board of Education in Kentucky, saying his daughter's.

She was asked to” strip down to her underwear” and searched by counselor Becca Boyd and assistant principal Kris Creteau, the lawsuit said.

Purcellville, VA, Dec. 13, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Kentucky social worker forced her way into a family's home and strip-searched all six.

But why did a muffin stop end up with a strip search at all? Local Kentucky lawyers and the national Home School Legal Defense Association.