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Vaccinations - NHS recommended vaccinations adult uk

This guide can help you understand the vaccines offered in the UK and when to have them. It also explains how they work and why they're safe and important.

A full list of the routine vaccinations offered on the NHS and when they should be given. Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine (2nd dose) MenB (2nd dose) Adults.

The current UK vaccination schedule is shown here. Shingles (Zostavax®) vaccine: for adults aged 70 years. Referral is needed, usually to the local chest clinic to arrange vaccination for at-risk individuals after this time.

Adults. Tetanus and poliomyelitis boosters 10 yearly only for Influenza vaccine for adults aged over 65 years annually from September.

The UK Immunisation Schedule Adult. Placeholder. Older adults and risk groups: Inactivated flu vaccine. protects against influenza (flu).