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@seth: I would like to configure buttons 8 & 9 to be "back" and "forward" . switch workspace = alt + ctl + mouse drag = lower 2 thumb buttons.

Setting Forward And Back Buttons. If all you want to do is set your four or five button mouse to use the extra buttons as "forward" and "back".

This page describes how to configure Ubuntu to fully utilize a mouse with multiple So the rule of thumb is one button for one action, unless the button is these side buttons to control Firefox's Back and Forward buttons, you.

I have a 5 buttons mouse, left right scroll and 2 extra ones on the side. In windows, when i press the these 2 buttons with my thumb, I can go.

Take your cursor above this window and start clicking your mouse buttons to “ sudo X -configure” and pressing enter; Get back to the desktop environment by.