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Intussusception in adults, although rare, is an important etiology to consider. Given no evidence of active intussusception, mass, stricture, or bowel ischemia.

However, bowel intussusception in adults is considered a rare Eight to twenty percent of cases are idiopathic, without a lead point lesion.

Though rare in adults, most cases of adult intussusception are the Stool mixed with blood and mucus (sometimes referred to as "currant jelly" stool because of its Some older children have pain but no other symptoms.

Intussusception is a serious problem in the intestine. But it can also occur in older children, teenagers, and adults. Vomiting; Bloody stool; Red, jelly-like stool; Fever; Extreme tiredness or lethargy; Vomiting bile; Diarrhea; Sweating Your child will need surgery if the intussusception is not repaired with a barium enema.

Intussusception is a medical condition in which a part of the intestine folds into the section immediately ahead of it. It typically involves the small bowel and less commonly the large bowel. Risk factors in adults include endometriosis, bowel adhesions, and intestinal tumors. Fever is not a symptom of intussusception.