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When your friend's driving, it's rude to sit in the rear seat, unless you are supposed to sit in the front while the ladies should hop in at the back.

Why EVERYONE Needs to Buckle Up Especially Adults in Back . The effect of unrestrained rear-seat passengers on driver mortality. J Trauma. Nov.

Posted in: Rear-Facing Seats Physics: Adults vs Kids Since an adult's head is just 6% of their body weight, you can withstand having your head pulled.

car-related injuries and deaths, Woman's Hospital is offering free backseat reminder tags. A child's temperature heats up to five times faster than an adult's .

Yes, it can be considered rude to sit in the back seat of the car when the Its almost like the adult in the back seat is implying they are valued more and In many muslim cultures it is even offensive (especially if the passenger is female).